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I have children and I know how important it is for them to be treated fairly and with respect. Remember….your child is innocent until proven guilty.

During this stressful time, it may seem that everyone is against your child. This is why – now more than ever – the need to hire an attorney with experience related to what you are going through is so critical. Call me for a free consultation at (505) 750-8442.

I know you will do anything to protect your child so I want to outline a two primary consequences your child faces. A conviction can affect your child’s education opportunities and future job prospects. As you can tell, there are real life consequences if your child is convicted of crime. This is where I can help you.

Recently, one my kid’s childhood friends, who is a good kid too, got into a little legal trouble over a prank. Good children sometimes make silly mistakes. They were caught red-handed, and there was little anyone could do in regards to a conviction. But…..as soon as we are allowed, I will get the conviction removed or sealed from the public….so that a mistake in childhood does not affect him into adulthood. I would like the chance to see if I can get your child out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into…and will work to make sure it does not affect them into adulthood as well.

Work with a Juvenile Defense Attorney Who Gets Results

As an Albuquerque juvenile defense lawyer, and parent, I will give you a candid assessment of your child’s case, your options….and advise as to how I can provide you with an aggressive defense to the criminal charges your child is facing.

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