Criminal Defense For Civilian & Military Charges

A Former Military Prosecutor Can Make All The Difference In The World

Highly Experienced Criminal and DWI Defense for Kirtland AFB Military Personnel in matters such as the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, Article 15s, Security Clearances, Investigations, administrative discharges & civilian charges.

Serving your country means you can be prosecuted in military courts for offenses that would not be considered a crime in the “civilian world”. This means you are held to a higher standard than someone working a regular job at Home Depot. Speaking of the civilian world, you can also be charged and prosecuted by the state of New Mexico for any alleged crimes that occur off-base. You need an experience civilian criminal defense attorney to help you in your case.

Any negative criminal-like activity, on or off base, can have a lasting effect on your chances for a long-term military career including receiving retirement benefits at the 20-year point. Examples in which your career may be affected are security clearances, promotions, awards, assignments and post military employment. I can help you in your criminal defense.

With all these things at stake, it makes sense to hire an ex-JAG prosecutor and civilian criminal defense attorney to defend your rights instead of relying on military appointed defense counsel.

Here are the types of military cases I can help you with:

  • All offenses under the UCMJ, including bad drug test reports and sexual assaults
  • All Article 15 charges
  • All involuntary separation boards
  • Security clearance denials

And if you are arrested by local or state police off-base, this arrest can have a huge impact on your service record and career. It just makes sense to speak with a defense attorney that is highly experienced in both civilian and military courts.

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